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Whether you own a massage shop, spa, wellness center or skincare brand. You can benefit from OREASE. Become our partner!!!

How OREASE for Brand work

4 kinds of Benefits

If you are one of these, try OREASE now



Wellness Center

Spa, Massage, Wellness Center can benefit from OREASE with on demand service provider in our pool


Skincare or Beauty Brand 

Any wellness product brand can give their clients unique, customize treatment and also sell at


Training On-demand

Training school can use OREASE to help bring in students and marketing your school in their profiles


Group of  Providers

Work as a team of delivery service with same standard. OREASE offers you the opportunity to shine. 

List Features for each kind

OREASE has several features suitable and flexible for all your need.

On-demand provider

No more headache of having to find the freelance therapist to fill the demand in your spa, massage or wellnes center. OREASE database contains lots of provider to match your need and time.


Mananging provider time and money is as easy as eating banana. OREASE helps you with management so you don't have to worry of small details that make you feel stress and need massage!

Sale and Marketing 

We also help you promote your place in our web application. With over thousand of users, and detail database. We make sure to match you with preferral customers. 

Extra Income

Why restrict you self in one place, while you can service all around your place. Be a hub of delivery service and gain extra money along the way. Start now!!!!

Customize Treatment

To differentiate your products from other. Why not design your product unique treatment and have OREASE therapist certified to do it.


As every treatment involve products to be used with, we help you market your products to our end user who books through us.

Drop shipping

Interest in selling with us? Our store, contains many wellness product and equipment. Join us now!


Want more sell? Why not have our wellness provider sell your products to their clients and become your distributors. 


Training is the most important aspect for every providers. We promote and help manage booking for your training service.


We help promote your Wellness training courses through our providers and clients. You will never lack of students


Graduate students who join OREASE as a provider are your representative. If they are good, your reputation will grow.


Enjoy commission for each student you recommend to our system and perform well. So better train them well !!!


Join as a team of providers would never be this easy. First you make sure to have same standard. Create your own treatments. And start receive customers


We help you market your special service brand and treatment. You are not alone in starting wellness service business. We are here to help you to become successful.


With Team profile, it is possible to public to end-users. And it is possible to book directly to your team. Make sure you do your best to keep up with good reputation.


Want to do your own brand, we fully support you. We help you start your own brand landing page, do necessary things. Just focus on service. We take care the rest.

Our Partners

We start to gather partners who interest in our project. If you do, please get in touch.


OREASE for brand is customized for your needs. It will be case by case basis. There will be fix-rate and commission rate depends on many factors. Please contact us to discuss further.

OREASE for brand, you own your customer database. It will be different database from other service. Why? Because you do your own marketing, we help only managing, and if you want our help in marketing, their will be fee for it. So you pay to acquire the customer, it will be your customer and we respect that. Only if you accept booking of our standard treatments that we do marketing for, then those customers will not be yours. Please contact for further information.

Currently some features is finished. And some are coming very soon, we also want to know what you really want to start partnering with us. Please contact us to discuss further

Let's Start

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Comming soon

OREASE for brand will be ready for use around end of 2018. Contact us so we know what you needs.

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