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OREASE helps you start building wellness business gradually from your free time until you become your own boss

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You work hard, you should receive higher. We give what we can to make sure you are happy and have reasonal pay



We take the matter of security seriously. Our booking policy and technology ensure that you are safe and sound all the way.

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You are able to manage your service location whether you want to service close to home or near high demand area.

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We are quite choosy in filtering service provider, please bear with us for it is worthy.

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Fill in theregistration form. After we receive your information, we will contact you.

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We will have the meeting test your skills and train you the OREASE web application. Contract will be signed and all the preparation will be ready for you to start the service.


Once finish the meeting, you are ready to receive booking via our system.


We have policy and method to prevent and cope with unsafe situation.
Firstly, when client book with OREASE, they need to verify phone number, transfer money, we will have client identity. If client chooses individual booking, we then ask for more information such as client face and so on. This will prevent people who intent to harm service provider.
If you suspect and see something unsafe such as their service location is look unhealthy, you can reject and walk away from the service.
We also tracking your location when service begin, and after finish, if you location won't change. We will contact police nearby to inspect the location. We also have you feed back client not only client feedback you.
If you don't want to service at client place, you can also service corporate client and service at Co-wellness space. We have options and flexibility to help you achieve what you need.

You will have two kinds of wallet. Cash wallet and credit wallet.
You will need to transfer commission money to OREASE credit wallet to receive booking.
Once customer book you and you complete the service, all the booking income will transfer to you cash wallet, while credit wallet will deduct as commission for each booking.
You can withdraw from cash wallet anytime provide that it is exceed 1,000 THB. But you can't withdraw from credit wallet, only receive booking will reduce the credit wallet.
If you don't have any cash in credit wallet, you won't receive any booking.

Before the service begin - You can cancel the booking by call to our support. But your score will be deduct because when you open your availability, you already confirm that you are able to receive booking on that time. Cancel makes it hard to manage and we may have to say sorry to client if we can't find people to service them instead of you. If you already travel to client location and you feel it is not good location and look dangerous and want to cancel. Please let us know so we will talk to client and solve case by case. This apply to other rejection. Please inform us with good evidence and reasons for your cancellation.

We ask you not to receive client directly. First, we can't help or gurantee any safety because there will be no record in the system. Second, you history of service will not be recorded you will miss incentive and advance level in the profile. Third, we have invested to get you client and we didn't charge unreason amount from you. Please respect our role and work to gehter for the better income and result.

In case we can't prevent something bad to happen and it happens. What we can do is to help you overcome and stand on you feet again. We do everything to support you for every situations that can happen. It is already been calculated and prepare. Your case will be solve fast with our evdience and record.

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